About me

Hi there and welcome to my shop!

My name is Agnes and I design and kraft minimalistic jewelry. I have a passion for all kind of handkraft starting with early drawings covering my whole bedsheets as a child. All my creations are fuelled by passion and love centered on minimal design including other handkrafts like crochet.

First, my cordon bracelet creations became gifts for friends and family who became interested to offer them to others. Somehow the circle started to grow around me. I was motivated to learn more. During an internship for engineers I learned soldering and I got totally passionate about it. Less then a year ago, I started to learn with dental technicians and other goldsmiths living here and in Chabrex to work mainly sterling silver and gold. I have so much to learn and I am eager to learn every day more.

My days start with ideas and in the evening I usually have even more ideas for the next day.

I work from home in Sugiez, Vully (Switzerland) where I live with my husband and daughter. I like to try out new ideas and I love custom orders, so please don´t hesitate to contact me if you have something in mind!

Thanks for spending a little time with me. I hope my work brings joy to you and your dear ones.